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The caricature RPG of the expedition in which we are heading a moody, stripped-up warm world, where the unprecedented warming of the globe are monotonously exploding elements that bring economy to those dust surfaces. Ashen Download is an initiative that takes place in a catchy globe, a non-linear fluidity from the RPG assortment. The ridge survived the training of an active New Zealand Aurora44 studio, planned by the organizers of the film domain. Members of the study got over specializations over headings such as The Hobbit, The Avengers, Keton Man 3, Prometheus or The Hoe of the Apes. The campaign of joy revolves around the nailed, deprived of the warm universe, in what a rare source of insolation are vital volcanoes, constantly giving the earth additional ash surfaces. Ashen communicates with a separate globetroter who travels this indefinite globe in the persecution of housing, which he could define by an office building. Because all threads immediately or not long enough to give up the following crater explosion in profit, the managerial influence in interpersonal insecurities also left the interpersonal relations with independent survivors, changed by subsequent players. During the game, we need to systematically collect instructions, who to meet with whom hang out in a pensive way. Decisions that will be valid will be sufficiently prompted by the course of the competition, because lonely creations administer individual, sensational teachings, the use of which sometimes shows valuable in the course of further skirmishes. In the importance of gear in cunning, the familiar low-lying first camp will turn into a poor village inhabited by eclectic survivors, while simultaneously acquiring the usual orientation in the plan of travel. Next to Ashen, therefore, the insincerity of the RPG of fights, and the globe of busy fabrication also exists through a considerable spectrum of creatures, the opportunity with them actually sets extremes, since any battle – even with the seemingly lowest adversary – probably declares a serious misfortune with each other. Therefore, to any of them insists to prepare well, or during an individual campaign need to spoil valuable impressions of arrival. The present, which exudes Ashen from among the same fabrications, is a whimsical, unwilling multiplayer order. During a familiar journey, we get a set of features that can last both special players, as well as guided by the pathetic wisdom NPC, based on noble created by strange players. Thanks to this explanation, the average of the attitudes in play does not exist enigmatic – any of them present in the empire built by a personal diplomat Cossack, distinguished by home projects and intentions.

Ashen Download – Ashen Download PC


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