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Cityconomy Download is developed by Krakow studio nano Games simulator in which players take on the owner of a service company specializing in maintaining order in the fictional world of the game. The title has been created on the PC, but its release was handled by astragon Entertainment GmbH. Cityconomy Download, as befits a robust simulator, allows players a lot of interesting activities. Almost every step implemented by the creators of the metropolis, there’s something to do. Interested regularly they receive a number of orders, among which we can mention the need for lawn mowing, tasks aimed at removing impurities from sewage, garbage deportation, and even services related to towing vehicles. The mission is really a lot, and made available to players equipment (ie. 15 trucks in five different specializations) noticeably increases the efficiency of the work, and thus more attractive fun.

Cityconomy download

Interestingly, during the game you’ll find here licensed trucks from MAN. Created by Nano Games the city is really big and varied (each region has its own requirements), although it should be added that as you progress in the game, players are able to unlock additional areas and additional, more lucrative contracts. Everything, of course, only when residents will be satisfied with the work performed by us (in the game since there is so-called. Reputation System). Fun in Cityconomy download pc diversifies day and night cycle, changing weather conditions, you need to care for its vehicles (the unforeseen repairs can be very expensive), as well as the opportunity to play with other players over the network. The multiplayer mode has been created for up to four players simultaneously, allowing friends to share the designated tasks or jointly pursue one large order.

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How to download Cityconomy Download for Windows 7 and lower.

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