Far Cry 4 Demo Download – Far Cry 4 Demo Download PC

Far Cry 4 demo download is a small flavor before the full version of the game was presented in part things you’ll see in November this year. The demo version, which is already for download on our website has been developed to a large extent, so you do not feel much discomfort that it is a demo version of Far Cry 4.

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Action Far Cry 4 Demo takes place in Kyrat. It is a fictional country located in the Himalayas where people are attached to tradition and a simple lifestyle. State Kyrat shakes civil war, which is the result of Pagan Mina, an eccentric army watachy and samozwłańcze power Kyrat. Along with his supporters bring the rule of an iron fist in Kyrat not zwracjąc attention to endangered people. Resistance to attend the rebels in an attempt to remove him from power but Mina does not want to surrender them. The main protagonist of the game Far Cry 4 demo download is Ajay Ghale. When going on a trip to Kyrat to fulfill the wish of a dying mother already. On site is embroiled in a civil war between supporters of the dictator and the guerrillas.

During the game, players gradually learn the secrets Kyrat. Thanks to its specific location, a fictional country offers varied and interesting locations – from the snowy mountain trails in the dense forests, as well as the city, old ruins, etc.. During the game we will be able to move freely throughout the territory of the Himalayan state, which is large and open map. We will use this as various means of transport.

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During the campaign Far Cry 4 demo download, players will perform story missions, as well as various side quests and optional tasks such as time trial or hunting wild animals. As befits the production of the FPS genre, was put at our disposal a rich arsenal of weapons from simple pistols to heavy machine guns. There were also different types of daggers and knives, and bows.

Far Cry 4 Demo Download – Far Cry 4 Demo Download PC

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