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Grand Ages Medieval Download is transferred to the PC medieval, three-dimensional time strategy Financial factors of good, for whose implementation corresponds to the German studio Gaming Minds. The developer is planning long-term survival in the work of the RTS-s, and in his program traced concepts such as Patrician IV Port Royale 3 and the Rise of Venice. A hint that Grand Ages Medieval Download a continuation of the in 2009, the Grand Ages: Rome, written by Haemimont Games. During the game the players are transferred to medieval Europe, and the game story refers to 1050 years. The game cast performing on a giant map of the entire continent and North Africa and the familiar East. The main task of politicians is a figure of great walking kingdom.

Grand Ages Medieval Download

The national command was given 50 technology joined with the economy and the army, and also 20 goods / raw materials, which can alone should also prepare or purchase, trading with their neighbors. To produce large state, construct different cities, we denoted pleasant while shopping trends and improve infrastructure. Is the development of a marriage does not undertake to prepare all but peaceful. Turning wars help us various types of pieces of archers, infantry, cavalry up to. In addition to the invasion of the foreign armies are threats and disasters, such as if throwing the earth, drought or pestilence. Interest we can be in the habit of single and multiplayer specified for up to 8 people. If the shaking of the technical part of the work, the developers of Grand Ages Medieval Download PC decided to build upon the already living techniques as three-dimensional graphics engine, which used survived in their old productions.

grand ages medieval download pc

Grand Ages Medieval Download PC – Grand Ages Medieval PC Download

download game

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