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Grand Theft Auto IV Download now! Many people say that GTA IV is the best part of the Grand Theft Auto series on the computer. GTA IV runs on the RAGE engine. According to the ESRB, this game has been approved for people who are of legal age.

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The main character of the game is a veteran of Yugoslavia Niko. He comes to America after numerous letters from his cousin Roman, which contains information about the “American dream”. As Niko arrives, it turns out that Roman is not the only billionaire already owns a failing taxi firm. Roman is the first principal of our missions and introduces our local underworld. As you progress through the game Grand Theft Auto IV Download PC know new people who usually have for us have jobs. It is possible to contact the principals mission through personal meeting or a mobile phone. The game is based on decision-making and the order in which we received the task. This allows the player to run and control the current tasks, and encourages him to re-start play.

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In carrying out a specific mission GTA IV download full version, you must first wade through the maze of streets to reach the ultimate goal, marked on a map. Route can be covered on foot, with the help of the famous, yellow cabs or a stolen vehicle, which include motorcycles and cars. Besides them, the game is also available railway, motor boats and helicopters. Traditionally, in motion, the selected vehicle can listen to radio music, emitted by 18 different stations. One of the leading radio stations implemented Lazlow, known from earlier series of hits, others – such stars as winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, Ukrainian Ruslan and rock legend Iggy Pop.

Grand Theft Auto IV Download – GTA 4 Pc Game Download

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