GTA Vice City Download Full – GTA Vice City Download PC

GTA Vice City Download Full – GTA Vice City Download PC

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Download found in one of the ten games of all time. I think most people looking through here needs no introduction GTA Vice City Download PC . So I invite you to play.

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Download is the sequel to the hugely popular series of games that tell of the underworld, and quite literally, a kind of development of the previous section – Grand Theft Auto 3 The action takes place in the 80s of the twentieth century and is set in a new city Vice City, to which Tom Vercetti (the player) is sent by Sonny Forelli to do “order” with local gangs, Cuban gangsters, and corrupt cops.

The game, like its predecessor, consists of a series of missions combined in a single, coherent and select the “non-linear” storyline. Our tasks include car theft, robberies, murders, providing an important shipments, planting bombs, etc. – the robot typical racial recidivism and thug. GTA Vice City Download is a huge and diverse metropolis (the so-called. Gateway to South America and the Caribbean), we find, among others, sunny beaches, recreation areas, crowded city center dominated by tall office buildings and slums. On the streets of VC meet a variety of people, ranging from ordinary garbage, and ending with the rock stars, famous politicians, etc..

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After the Gta Vice City Download Pc can move in different ways. In our hands can fall into several types of cars, including some known to GTA3, and some completely new, such as the Chevrolet Corvette designed for enthusiasts of sporty. A new feature is the availability of motorcycles, sports boats and a helicopter. Of course we can also use a range of 30 weapons, ranging from clubs, and ending with the rifle and Uzi sapper. Our game entertaining various radio stations fit every type of music, including rock, pop, techno, jazz and soul.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Download – GTA Vice City Download PC

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