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 The first person is playing a travel game with specimens of a thriller and spy image created by the Jujubee studio in Katowice. The action of speculations about the enigmatic collision of the Soviet submarine Kursk Download, which of the unresolved motivations sank in August 2000 in the Barents Blast. Kurek is therefore a first-person traveling work with espionage specimens while in the tone of a thriller. Inside it, the Katowice Jujubee studio co-operates, marked most often from busy fabrications, such as the edition of futuristic Flashout contests. Kursk has an unprecedented significant work of discussion, created from among those remembering PC batters and consoles of the eighth formation. The plot of hypocrisy consists of the enigma of the tragedy of a Soviet undersea carrier with a nuclear engine, K-141 Kursk Download. In August 2000, the above 150-meter-long titanium sank on the Multum Barents, scraping through the depths of 118 members of the team, while everywhere inaccessible group of misfortunes is always chatting. Be an argument of sinking the then non-compliance with the American aircraft carrier, the eruption of ammunition, and possible spurts on the ship’s jar, love the suicidal operation of any of the service organs? Of course, the contemporary course will plan politicians in the course of competition. The work of insincerity was exposed in the first-person form, and the animators put an extravagant button on the action, imbued with engaging discourses, interaction with the team, and spy track marks also strong moments of psychosis. The fullness is turned slightly to late customers, it is additionally emphasized by a very impressive tone, propagating whole puzzles to solve, tense with ineffable ruin.

Kursk Download – Kursk Download PC


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