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Lichdom Battlemage Full Version Downloadgame is a first-enriched with elements of role-playing game. The debut game Xaviant independent studio. Production may only play single player. Lichdom is the name of a world in which the game being played the game Lichdom Battlemage Game Download.

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The story Lichdom Battlemage Download Pc starts in the sixth era Roth. We are conscripted in Roth champion endowed with supernatural powers. In the name of Mr. embarks on a crusade against a hellish force, tending to degrade people. The hero, we use a mortal who uses powerful magic elements. The creators have provided us Lichdom Battlemage Full Version Download PC to create their own spells. To use the spell must be chosen from previously known elements, the type of injury and modifiers. We experiment with spells hence this may lead artist creating a unique arsenal of spells.

Lichdom Battlemage Download Pc

Fight in Lichdom Battlemage Download is purely arcade. Player is action hero out of sight, and aiming is done semi-automatically. Unlike many other fantasy games, combat efficiency of our mage is not limited by the amount of mana or so. “Cooldownami” (waiting time for re-use skills). The player should keep in mind the duration of the spell casting animation, so in the fight against agile opponent better suited to weaker, but faster spell. In the case of each spell, can hold down responsible for the attack increases its power.

Lichdom Battlemage Download PC – Lichdom Battlemage Full Version Download PC

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