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Metro Redux Download is a series connection of two titles in a series of Metro. We are talking about started in 2010, year of the cycle with the prospect of first-person games (FPS) set in the universe Metro 20133 or grim post-apocalyptic world created by the Russian writer Dimitrijowi Głuchowski. The whole set series consists of two productions that have been improved in terms of graphics in such a way as to exploit the opportunities offered eighth-generation consoles and Metro Redu Download Pc make full use of the possibilities the best PC.

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Metro Redux Download Full Version PC takes place primarily in the tunnels of the Moscow Metro, which after the destruction became the only shelter for the people. The main hero of Metro Redux Downlaod Pc is young Artyom and the plot of the game is a close up of released in 2005 book of the same title. We visit the subterranean recesses, fighting the horrific mutants, or trying to avoid them. While the game has not been rated the best it has been appreciated by critics for being a wonderful climate, as well as interesting solutions on how to portraying events and ideas on how we can use the equipment.

Metro Redux Download PC

The second game Metro Redux Game Download Pc  being a part of the package is Metro: Last Light of 2013. Again takes on the character Artyom, but this time leave the tunnels to explore the destroyed areas on the surface. The creators of the studio 4A Games have taken to heart the criticism of the original, which resulted in improved combat mechanics, more open sites, as well as the implementation of the multiplayer mode. By many critics Metro: Last Light was even hailed as one of the best games of 2013.

Metro Redux Full Version Download PC – Metro Redux Download PC

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