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Routine Download PC action adventure with survival-horror genre, reminiscent at times titles in the series Dead Space or Amnesia. Routine PC Download was created as an independent debut project, a three studios Lunar Software from England. In the production of Mick Gordon also he worked, co-founder of sound effects and music to games such as Crysis 3, Dead Space 3 and Need for Speed series.

Routine Download PC

Routine Download Gamescrux of the story is the need to explain the reasons for the disappearance of the crew Lunar Research Station. For this purpose, we wander the claustrophobic, dark corridors and rooms of the lunar settlements, discovering its secrets. Developers put primarily on the aspect of survival and horror, which have reduced to a minimum interface elements and equipment. In other words Routine Download Full Versionkits will not experience here, and the death of our character is permanent. The main subject of what use is CAT – Cosmonaut Assistance Tool, or repair tool resembling a gun. The game allows us to modify, thanks to znajdowanym in the base floppies, in some cases, use it as a weapon.

routine download full version

Routine Download PC – Routine Full Version Download

download game

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