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SOMA Download The same gradual program of the Swedish study Frictional Games. Is this a great developer of the subtitle of choice of survival horror, counting on even account Penumbra series of further interpretation Amnesia: The Dark Descent. The production history solved in a circle research PATHOS-2. The yield of failed experiments, the institution which took over the care of the gentle features of the system, killing a group of people. The player winning the individual among the survivors, he must somehow get out of the current field. In contrast with the former work of the Swedish study, in the SOMA Download we run out of special studies for the work Frictional forcing scheme before penetrating the risks and avoid the hazards – instead developers offered us an alternative exploration of the real world poses while interest on a tight sensation in harsh environments. The player needs to adapt to the rules of the princes in underwater fact, studying the behavior of robots is watching the level of the acute or these marine plants and lords.

Soma Download

The inventors have determined the use of the few pioneering solutions resulting in the creation of individual mood of rivalry and strengthen the feelings of confusion. Gives ago poses. Different custom narration supported on interaction with the background, or the need to use comments to the pressure of water in the deep-sea expedition on the sea route toniach. Gameplay discovered there among future of key individuals. Much improved form of visual relation to the former studio Frictional work – sites are sure roomier and rozmaitsze elements, or when pulses of monsters encountered on the Polish trip.

Soma Download PC

Soma PC Download – Soma Download PC

download game

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