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The Forest Download FPP is a first-person horror survival with dark elements. The game produced studio Endnight Games, they considered mobile account End Night. Formed by people who previously worked on special effects in films such as Tron: Legacy or 300. We join the man who has undergone a passenger plane crash. The hero inspires at the wreckage and, like Robinson Crusoe, mother to survive an apartment building and searching for food. Already meanwhile it shows that castaway on the island is not alone, beside him in the forests located tribe of mutants – cannibals. The Forest Download PC is a global effective – the weather is constantly changing, and plants grow and wither, to the modern reaches the circadian cycle and the simulation of tides and expenditures. The island also posted an extensive system of underground caves and tunnels installing them, and the player receives a fully functional exploration of the world.

The Forest Download PC

The big feature The Forest Download Full Version play here elements of survival – we need to cut down trees for me to achieve firewood or lumber as shelter, is compulsory and look for food, fishing on the creation and cultivation of plants. During the day, we are relatively safe – the only hazards relate with being on the island – but in the darkness we have to repel the attacks of mutants. Extensive crafting system allows the production of its own weapons and networks, and provides provides more than facts skradankowe also particularly best policy is to avoid the existence of a connection with the cannibals. Interestingly, the tribe of mutants does not fill up like animals – any one of them takes their beliefs, traditions contacts with future members of the clan.

the forest download

The Forest Download Game – The Forest Download PC

download game

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