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A first-person adventure game with a thriving political topos held in the eighties in England. Inside, the industry convenes the British unchanging atelier White Paper Games.The Occupation Download is therefore an adventurous fluctuation with a first-person image. I survived the staging prepared by a five-person non-involved atelier of White Paper Games with the hacienda in Manchester. It is the second office of the British company, which debuted in 2014 with an incomprehensible first-person adventure – the aptly received artificiality Ether One.The Occupation deducts the gambler to England in the eighties and activates on October 24, 1987. The fact of jumping off the stage is a terrorist assault, in the product of which twenty-three individuals were killed. In the explictions of danger, British dominance is passed by the law that goes beyond the limits of liberty, in the name of disarmament, plus collective simplicity. There are indeed traces suggesting that such a walk of problems existed at the front of the programmed, while the only thrust are creatures adding to the convergence of the pillar. Interprets hereby the only one registers in a settlement of diplomatic thrillers using underground ideas, where the irrefutable concern is the statutory visibility of the councils possessed, which are able to skimp on a somewhat unequal compositional tricks. Despite the adventuring in genesis, playwrights break the terrible motives of today, stroking such roles as the freedom to say, immunity to privacy, publishing ethics or disapproval in the qualification of the media. The Occupation is a contemporary adventures solved with the characteristics of a willing grandmother. We live half-way searching the location, deciphering the puzzles plus controlling the meetings with the women who may have significant to make a surprise. In addition to the last one in the interpretation, there are signs of stealth, how we want to spend our time declining to buy into a certain environment, get busy and drop lilak to reduce assumptions. In contradiction to the many unusual pieces of this aggregate, in which noticeable installment of hot spectacles we examine with a new hand (eg through negotiations, leaflets or information), in The Occupation we start in the round rudimentary seasons, and known speeches can take on their course. The game got up on the Unreal Engine 4 written motorcycle, thus visibly approving of a clear and cheerful writing staff. Supported staging exists in a glimpse of a relaxed and depressing character, while the type of the world’s achievement repeats little present, which we could encounter in the Bioshock edition.

The Occupation Download – The Occupation Download PC


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